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Airsoft Partnership

Postby Maxon » 11 Jan 2011, 18:33

Сегодня на мыло получил вот такое письмо:
Hi ,

I’m Thomas and I’m working on the Airsoft Squared project.
Airsoft Squared is planned for mid-February 2011 but you can already fond all information on

Actually, we are looking for Partners and I though about your Team, BigBalls.

Can you add Airsoft Squared Logo on your website?

In return, I can promote your Team through the Airsoft Page on Facebook. Check it here: we have more than 100 000 fans. We could publish a short post to pass the message of your choice to all our 100 000 fans.
I think it is quiet fair!

How does that sound?
Feel free to tell me what you think about that.

Have a nice day.


Ответил, что мы делаем новый сайт всех бундесхеровских команд и подумаем.
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Re: Airsoft Partnership

Postby Rolf » 12 Jan 2011, 23:45

Maxon wrote:Ответил, что мы делаем новый сайт всех бундесхеровских команд и подумаем.

Ви есть много кушать ;)

О чем тут думать?
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